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Our Services ٍSummed Up in "designs".

Ganna E-Marketing

Design " Logos ~ Brochures ~ Magazines ..etc" .

Ganna E-Marketing

All Payment Ads on " Facebook ~ Google Adwords ~ instagram ..etc ".

Ganna E-Marketing

Increase Google Adsense Profits Real With 0% Risk.

Ganna E-Marketing

We provide a multitude of services. Everything is covered.

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الأربعاء، 14 ديسمبر 2016

تسويق الكترونى شامل واعلانات مموله بنتائج عاليه

تسويق الكترونى شامل واعلانات مموله بنتائج عالية

التسويق الالكترونى هو حلقه الوصل الى عالم الانترنت
وتحقيق مبيعات ملموسه لاصحاب المشاريع التجاريه
لذا نوفر اليكم فريق متخصص فى التسويق الالكترونى 
بكفاءه عاليه

ظهور على محركات بحث جوجل
#زياده_لايكات حقيقيه ومتفاعله
#فيديوهات افتر ايفيكت وانيميشن
#عـــــــرض_المسوقاتى(تسويق على جروبات متخصصه )

 للتواصل معنا 

01097691844.... ((متـــــــــاح واتـس اب ))
صفحتنا على الفيس بوك
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الجمعة، 29 يوليو 2016

Our Services

                                        Marketing With Art 

Marketing Plan is one of the Most important element and e marketing is a main part of it these days, we are expert enough to drive your Business to success throw social media like " Facebook , Google Adwords, Instagram, Twitter, Link din, Google+ ... Etc " of Social Media Channels .

emarketing, marketing

                                                               Our Services 

  Manage _ pages _ professionalism .
  Increase _ for real and interactive likes
Professional Photography  For products
( Marketing on the Specialized Groups )
Ads _ Forums
  Increase _ profits _ AdSense
  Open _ locked_ Facebook Accounts
   Corporate training courses
Create Blogging Content
Installed _ templates _ blogs
Email Marketing
 Marketing plans _ _ for companies
Work presentation _ corporate _ training
services, online, seo
Just contact us.

01097691844. (( available Whats App ))
01096276781 (( available Whats App ))

Vodafone cash 01096276781
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Online Marketing News

                              Online Marketing News

The New Era Of Marketing Is The Online Marketing With all Channels Of It " Facebook & Twitter & Instagram & Link Din & YouTube & ... etc " So We Desided to Make You Updated With The Latest News Of E-Marketing Always To Be Sure That You Need To Leave The Old Fashion On Expensive Marketing and Start the New Era With The Internet Marketing With An Advertising Agency That You Trust To Lead Your Business To Success .   

social media , ads, marketing

                                                   Inside AdWords Blog

Some news sources break AdWords developments so fast you’d think they were constantly hitting refresh on the official Inside AdWords blog. Obviously the definitive place to get (officially sanctioned) news about new AdWords features, the AdWords blog is the news source for PPC marketers who need to know what’s going on as it happens. Remember, however, that when it comes to the juicier gossip about AdWords, you’ll have to look elsewhere…
adwords, paid ads


                                                          Search Engine Land

If you’re in search, you’re probably already an avid reader of Search Engine Land. The publication also organizes and hosts the hotly anticipated Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference every year. The industry’s go-to news source for both breaking headlines and comprehensive analysis, Search Engine Land should be in every search marketer’s RSS feed.

seo , google , bing
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                             Offers Isn't Every Thing

Offers Is One Of Many Tools To Attract People To Buy Some Thing Even The Product Wasn't Good  Enough , That Can Happened In Anywhere But Not With " GANNA E-MARKETING ACADEMY "  Because We Are A Professionals And We Had A Big Previous Work , In This Page You Will Find Some Of It .  We aren't Gave You Just An Offer But We Lead You To Success With The Best Price and The Best Service , Ask About Our Services And Enjoy .
Offers, marketing, Online

                                   Target Governorate Or All Egypt  

Target Governorate Or Not We Covered all Egypt and We Can Make You  Famous in Just a Few   Days Sell More and Attract More People Interested already With Your Business And Searching About it Every Day There Are Waiting You To Shown Up , That's Where We Come In To Help You To Present You Business For Whom Looking For It .

Discount, ads, Online

                                                      Our Previous Work & Our Offer 

We Presented Some Of Our Previous Work And Our Client Comments After We Finished The Deals With Them .


                                                         At Last Our Offer

Now You Can attract Your Customers in any Where.. In all the provinces or States of the world!.
And reached for the People Interested About Your Business only...!  That's easy 
With The New Offer Of   Paid advertisements On Facebook .!
Including Social Media ? #_01096276781
:) :) :)
The Offer/
Ads financed with a budget of $ 40.
1000 Whats App
Ad 1000  on Groups ( Specialist )
300 Share to advertising
3000 Like
4 designs
Company logo printed on photo page
* Follow the page with a 10 days
A propaganda video
Increased interaction home page
Publish exclusive posts
Increase Interaction Of Your Page
A surprise for agents of the month (free gift page for your page)
#Make Us A Step In Your Success

#ganna_emarketing_academy..... Your way to success
We Will  get your confidence.
Just contact us.
01097691844. ((available Whats App ))
01096276781. ((available Whats App ))
Vodafone cash 01096276781


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الأحد، 24 يوليو 2016


                                             Graphics Logo

If You Are Looking For Some One To design Your Company Logo Or Make Any Design For You 
All You need To Stop Searching Now And Start To click On Contact Us Page After That You Can Enjoy The Luxury .


These Logos As a Small Part Of Our Profile With Our Greatest Customers We Hope You Enjoy With It .

                                                                           logo design 

Logo Design With Our Team Make You Famous Before You Start Your Business , As them Says Your Logo Is You and We Can Show You Will Throw Your Logo Design  Enjoy Our Vision To the New Era In Designs .

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                Animation Video Or Intro

Videos Animation Or Intro For Your Company Now Been Easy With Our Professional Team Work All You Have To Do Just To Contact Us And Set Back For While and Enjoy The Professionalism In Design Videos And Logos ...etc


                                                  Drive Your Business

Drive Your Business To Success It Not easy With Out a Professional Team Work To Ac heave Your Goals and Grow Your Business Is Our Mission To Do So Don't Think Too Much And Miss The Professionalism .

                                                                  Our Vision 

Our Vision Became True When We Serving and Make Your Business Grow So Let Us Sharing Our Vision And All Team Power To Achieve Your Goals So We leave You With A Small Luxury Trip With Some Of  Our Latest Work .

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الأربعاء، 20 أبريل 2016

لاصحاب الشركات والمصانع تسويق الكترونى شامل

لاصحاب الشركات والمصانع تسويق الكترونى شامل

اصحاب الشركات اصيبو بهوس المبيعات وبيدورو دايما على اكتر واسرع طريقه للانتشار
وده سهل جدا دلوقتى مع التسويق الالكترونى لانه بيكون حلقه الوصل بين العميل والسوق
ومش اى عميل ده العميل الصح اللى محتاج السلعه فقط

#دورالمسوق الالكترونى ... 

*بيكون بطريقه بسيطه زى كشاف النور  اللى بيسلط الضوء بس
ع العميل اللى بيحتاج سلعتنا
*على المكان اللى ممكن يكون بيئه صح للمنتج
*عن الوقت الصح اللى ممكن ينتشر فيه

*طيب ازاى اختار المسوق اللى اتعامل معاه

اختيار المسوق او شركه التسويق عامل اساسى لفشلك او نجاح؟؟؟

اولا لازم تتابع عمله فتره عشان تقدر تعرف اسلوبه وهل هو حد واعى للغه السوق والا مجرد هاوى 

لازم يكون حد موهوب .. بمعنى انه هيقدر يكيفلك المنتج مع اى سوق ومع اى عميل عشان يوصلك للمبيعات

لووو عجبكم الموضوع 
تابعووونا ع صفحتنا /
او تواصلو معانا ع ارقامنا 
01126591620 // /01097691844/01096276781
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